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Inglis Easter Summary: 81 Lots Sold At $500,000 Or More

Friday, 13th April 2007

At the close of the 3 days trade an incredible 81 individual lots had sold for the once magical figure of $500,000 or more, of which a record 23 had price tags between $1 million to $3 million. These were the top 81 sellers, which had a colt/filly ratio of 44/37:

  • $3,000,000      270     Colt     (Rock Of Gibraltar (Ire)-L'On Vite (USA))     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (G Waterhouse NSW)
  • $2,200,000      564     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Twyla)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $2,100,000      566     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-Tycoon Lil)     Arrowfield Stud, Scone     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $2,100,000      570     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Urge To Merge)     Arrowfield Stud, Scone     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $2,000,000      169     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Egyptian Ibis)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (R Mcanulty QLD)
  • $2,000,000      412     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Procrastinate)     Kia Ora Stud, Scone     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $2,000,000      431     Colt     (Elusive Quality (USA)-Republic Lass)     Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $1,600,000      29     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-African Rain)     Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks     (Highgrove Stud QLD)
  • $1,600,000      271     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-La Bamba)     Bellerive Stud, Scone     (R Coleman SCOTLAND)
  • $1,600,000      540     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-Tambara (USA))     Segenhoe Stud, Scone     (Shadwell Australia NSW)
  • $1,500,000      232     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Hasna)     Corumbene Stud, Dunedoo     (Newhaven Park Stud NSW)
  • $1,500,000      329     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-Milliyet)     Willow Park Stud, Scone     (K Lees NSW)
  • $1,500,000      363     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-National Treasure)     Trelawney Stud, Cambridge, New Zealand     (Tristarc Bloodstock VIC)
  • $1,500,000      433     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Rich Silk (USA))     Bellerive Stud, Scone     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $1,400,000      70     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Bella Sunday)     Arrowfield Stud, Scone     (William Inglis As Agent NSW)
  • $1,400,000      79     Colt     (Elusive Quality (USA)-Blue Quail)     Haunui Farm, Auckland, New Zealand     (T Stakemire VIC)
  • $1,400,000      372     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Oceanfast)     Yarraman Park, Scone     (T Stakemire VIC)
  • $1,400,000      417     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Push A Venture (GB))     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (E Bateman NSW)
  • $1,300,000      418     Filly     (Elusive Quality (USA)-Quays)     Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $1,250,000      524     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Subterfuge (GB))     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (C Conners NSW)
  • $1,200,000      394     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-Piavonic)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (James Bester Bloodstock NSW)
  • $1,200,000      495     Colt     (Exceed And Excel-Skating)     Segenhoe Stud, Scone     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $1,000,000      348     Filly     (Fusaichi Pegasus (USA)-Monsoon Wedding)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (John Foote Bloodstock VIC)
  • $950,000      357     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-My Lady's Key (USA))     Emirates Park, Murrurundi     (Dynamic Syndications NSW)
  • $950,000      469     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Sequenza (Ire))     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (D Ellis NEW ZEALAND)
  • $900,000      322     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Marrego)     Orange Grove Thoroughbreds, Tamworth     (R Croghan NSW)
  • $900,000      434     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-Ride The Rapids)     Amarina Farm, Denman     (Freedman Bros VIC)
  • $900,000      491     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-Silk Veil)     Reavill Farm, Freemans Reach     (L Samba SA)
  • $850,000      500     Filly     (Red Ransom (USA)-Snowdrift (Fr))     Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $825,000      90     Filly     (Elusive Quality (USA)-Bulla Borghese)     Brooklyn Lodge, Aberdeen     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $800,000      110     Colt     (Danehill Dancer (Ire)-Chiara)     Almavale Bloodstock, Toowoomba, Qld     (D O'Brien VIC)
  • $800,000      119     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Coliape)     Reavill Farm, Freemans Reach     (Michael Stedman Bloodstock NEW ZEALAND)
  • $800,000      234     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-High Heels)     Widden Stud, Widden Valley     (James Bester Bloodstock NSW)
  • $800,000      483     Colt     (Elusive Quality (USA)-Shelbourne Lass)     Darley, Aberdeen     (Tim Martin Bloodstock NSW)
  • $800,000      494     Colt     (Fusaichi Pegasus (USA)-Skates)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (John Foote Bloodstock QLD)
  • $800,000      501     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-So Striking)     Widden Stud, Widden Valley     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $775,000      344     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-Mohave Dancer)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Mcdonald Racing VIC)
  • $750,000      58     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-Ateates)     Almavale Bloodstock, Toowoomba, Qld     (James Bester Bloodstock NSW)
  • $750,000      559     Colt     (Exceed And Excel-True Blonde)     Segenhoe Stud, Scone     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $725,000      174     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Embraceable You)     Kia Ora Stud, Scone     (Bba Ireland Ltd IRELAND)
  • $725,000      273     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-La Lagune)     Swettenham Stud, Hunter Valley     (Bba Ireland Ltd IRELAND)
  • $700,000      147     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Desert End (USA))     Yarraman Park, Scone     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $700,000      166     Colt     (Dehere (USA)-Duelling Girl (USA))     Bellerive Stud, Scone     (John Foote Bloodstock HONG KONG)
  • $700,000      199     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-Flying Spice)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $700,000      377     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-One World)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Freedman Bros VIC)
  • $700,000      429     Filly     (Rock Of Gibraltar (Ire)-Regal Prospect)     Kitchwin Hills, Scone     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $700,000      435     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-Ritual)     Torryburn Stud, East Gresford     (P Perry NSW)
  • $700,000      453     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Sakhalin (USA))     Yarraman Park, Scone     (Tim Martin Bloodstock NSW)
  • $650,000      34     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-All The Rave)     Yarraman Park, Scone     (K H Mak HONG KONG)
  • $650,000      55     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-Ashkaleta)     Vinery Stud, Scone     (Equine & Livestock New Zealand NEW ZEALAND)
  • $650,000      298     Filly     (Anabaa (USA)-Life Goes On Oh)     Ruane, Menangle     (Bba Ireland Ltd IRELAND)
  • $625,000      188     Filly     (Rock Of Gibraltar (Ire)-Fetes Galantes)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $625,000      278     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-La Volta)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Teeley Assets Ltd VIC)
  • $625,000      312     Colt     (Elusive Quality (USA)-Magic Morn (GB))     Arrowfield Stud, Scone     (Shadwell Australia NSW)
  • $625,000      440     Filly     (Exceed And Excel-Rose Archway)     Widden Stud, Widden Valley     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $625,000      461     Colt     (Exceed And Excel-Scandinavia)     Eliza Park, Kerrie, Vic     (John Ferguson Bloodstock NSW)
  • $600,000      3     Colt     (Danehill Dancer (Ire)-Western Chorus)     Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley     (George Moore Bloodstock HONG KONG)
  • $600,000      87     Colt     (Zabeel-Breeze Hill (Ire))     Bloomsbury Stud, Matamata, New Zealand     (John Foote Bloodstock HONG KONG)
  • $600,000      133     Colt     (Exceed And Excel-Dama de Noche)     Arrowfield Stud, Scone     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $600,000      346     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Money Begets Money)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $600,000      513     Filly     (Flying Spur-St Therese)     Arrowfield Stud, Scone     (Shadwell Australia NSW)
  • $600,000      523     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-Stylish Lass)     Bellerive Stud, Scone     (Tristarc Bloodstock VIC)
  • $600,000      554     Colt     (Dehere (USA)-Triattica)     Amarina Farm, Denman     (A Cummings NSW)
  • $550,000      36     Filly     (Flying Spur-Alle Belle Be)     Vinery Stud, Scone     (Plantation Stud ENGLAND)
  • $550,000      46     Colt     (Falbrav (Ire)-Angelic Smile)     Highgrove Stud, Darling Downs, Qld     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $550,000      260     Colt     (Encosta de Lago-Jodie Faster (USA))     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Hong Kong Jockey Club HONG KONG)
  • $550,000      272     Colt     (Fusaichi Pegasus (USA)-La Boisselle)     Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains     (Makybe VIC)
  • $550,000      459     Filly     (Flying Spur-Sarah Vee)     Bloomsbury Stud, Matamata, New Zealand     (John Foote Bloodstock VIC)
  • $550,000      475     Filly     (Encosta de Lago-Shalang)     Riverslea Farm, Aberdeen     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $550,000      516     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-Staremma)     Eliza Park, Kerrie, Vic     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $525,000      241     Colt     (Zabeel-Honor Lap)     Bloomsbury Stud, Matamata, New Zealand     (L Samba NEW ZEALAND)
  • $525,000      455     Colt     (General Nediym-Sally Lou)     Willow Park Stud, Scone     (Paul Messara Racing NSW)
  • $525,000      535     Colt     (Dubai Destination (USA)-Sydney's Quest)     Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar     (N Moraitis NSW)
  • $520,000      381     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Our Side Show)     Highgrove Stud, Darling Downs, Qld     (Hong Kong Jockey Club HONG KONG)
  • $500,000      6     Filly     (Zabeel-What Can I Say)     Rich Hill Stud, Matamata, New Zealand     (Dermot Farrington Bloodstock NSW)
  • $500,000      43     Filly     (Lonhro-Ancient Song)     Turangga Farm, Scone     (S Brem NEW ZEALAND)
  • $500,000      201     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-For The Moment)     Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar     (T C Bloodstock ACT)
  • $500,000      254     Filly     (Redoute's Choice-It's Who Deanie)     Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic     (Woodlands Stud NSW)
  • $500,000      384     Colt     (Pins-Palos Verdes)     Ancroft Stud, Matamata, New Zealand     (C Little VIC)
  • $500,000      392     Colt     (Fusaichi Pegasus (USA)-Peruzzi)     Philippa Duncan Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Sydney     (K Lees NSW)
  • $500,000      497     Colt     (Redoute's Choice-Slice Of Paradise)     Arrowfield Stud, Scone     (D O'Callaghan Bloodstock VIC)
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