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Chapman Says

Tuesday, 6th April 2010

The Sun-Herald columnist Max Presnell reported that "some of the 'boys', nobblers plying go-slows, are at it again," according to former trainer Dr Geoff Chapman "an authority on the subject". Chapman declared: "I have been watching with great interest recently the number of fancied horses that blow in the betting & race like dromedaries. Similarly there have been a number of horses that run badly at their previous encounter & come out & win next start. You will recall the fence jumpers of years gone by." Presnell noted the original "fence jumpers" hailed from Newcastle & "as their title indicates, would breach stable security, on one occasion even putting the watchdog to sleep on the way. Armed with horse sense & information on where the target horse was stabled, they applied a devious potion." Amid a series of sensational revelations, Chapman detailed how in one instance when he was a trainer, a member of his own staff "owed some SP bookmaker at Coogee a hat-full. They'd give him credit for each horse they got to." Chapman only discovered the truth when the late race-fixer George Freemen personally confirmed the guilt of Chapman's staffer. In another instance "the culprit was the pre-race swabbing steward, who injected them while taking pre-race blood samples. I mentioned this to Kerry Walker (another trainer) & at the next Rosehill meeting we staked out the swabbing stalls. The official in the swabbing stall came out & spoke to 2 young blokes at the fence. They raced off to 2 leading rails bookmakers who then commenced to lay the favourite out the gate." (To read the full text of "Fence Jumpers Are Back In The Game", click on the link in The Great Debate panel on the right-hand-side of this page.) Presnell summed up: "No doubt stewards will declare the security & drug-testing web these days is unbreachable. We've been there, heard that."

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