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UK Champ Moore Calls For "Return To Old Whip Rules"

Thursday, 20th October 2011

Meanwhile 3-time UK champion jockey Ryan Moore “became the latest jockey to speak out against the new whip rules, stating his discontent with the whole situation & calling for a return to the old rules” reported racingpost.com. “Contradicting the statement released earlier in the day by PJA chief executive Kevin Darley, stating that the jockeys were in favour of reducing the number of strikes permitted under the old rules”, Moore called the limit of 7 strikes “too low”. He declared bluntly: “In my view these new whip rules won't work. Everyone came out & said it was for the good of the sport, without really thinking what it meant before everything got out of control. It is ruining the sport, Kevin (Darley) has been forced into finding a compromise. The fact is 7 (strikes) is too low, but we couldn't go in & say we need to hit horses more, because that doesn't look good & that's supposed to be what this is all about. The jockeys asked for clarity, but I'm not happy with the number (7). It's just too low. How can 7 be fine, but 8 is too much? It doesn't make sense. You can't put a number on what is abuse; you could hit a horse once & it could be abuse & you could hit a horse 20 times & it wouldn't be. No-one wants to see horses abused & if a young lad hits a horse unnecessarily, the senior guys will pull him aside & set him straight. We all love horses & would never abuse them.” On whip use generally, Moore also emphasised: “Once a horse comes under pressure, you need to keep them up to it or they relax; there's no pain, but it is just getting them to respond & concentrate.” Moore summed up: “The are not in the long-term interest of the sport. Hopefully we can see sense & get back to the way things were. I think the old rules were fine & if they want to go back to them, but bring in stronger penalties, perhaps that is the way.”

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